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I have been helping individuals and small businesses with their tax issues for over 35 years. Put all of my tax experience to work in your favor so that you can get back to your life, business, and everything else that you love as soon as possible. Whether you are seeking assistance with your tax return, IRS issues, personal financial planning, or general business inquiries, my personal touch and extensive knowledge will result in your peace of mind.

All initial consultations are free and last 30 minutes. 
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What if I get an IRS notice in the mail?

First and foremost, please DO NOT IGNORE any notices from the IRS; they are most likely contacting you for a legitimate reason. Also bear in mind that the IRS will not contact you via phone or email without first notifying you by mail. Although a notice from the IRS may seem daunting, I can assure you that having a seasoned professional who speaks their language working on your behalf is greatly beneficial. Please contact me to discuss your personal

situation and how I will keep any IRS issues manageable for you.

Where can I check on my refund, or get IRS forms?

For simple, straightforward returns, the IRS website ( ) can be very helpful. This site contains the

electronic version of many tax forms that can be downloaded and printed directly from your computer. Although the IRS does make an earnest effort to meet everyone’s needs, it is simply not equipped with the proper resources to deal with individual cases that go beyond the basic level. Furthermore, in regards to more complex issues, I have found that the advice from these sources can be inconsistent and rarely works to the taxpayer’s advantage.

Should I contact IRS to get more information on my case before I call my CPA?

Although it might seem intuitive to speak with the IRS before contacting a tax

professional, I would not recommend this course of action. Let me offer an analogy for this reasoning. Imagine that you have are a defendant in a legal case. Before hiring a defense lawyer, you decide to contact the district attorney (the person building a case against you) so that you can gather more information. You explain your situation in the hopes of preventing any further problems but unknowingly provide them with useful information that will help them convict you. While it might seem like a harsh

comparison, in many ways, the IRS functions the same fashion - they are expressly trained to gather information that will strengthen their client's (the government’s)

position. Since this group is widely known as the best collection agency in the world, your interest would be better served working with a professional from the very


Why should I call you?

As mentioned above, the IRS website can prove helpful in simple, straightforward

cases; however, if you have been contacted by the IRS, there is a good chance that your case does not fall under this classification. When you work with a Certified Public

Accountant (CPA), you are working with a tax professional. Working with me in

particular, you will not only draw from my many years of experience as a CPA but also as a successful liaison who has directly worked with the IRS. These two qualifications have helped me successfully secure the best possible outcome for my clients.

In addition to this experience, I have also followed a simple principle over the years: staying committed to my client’s best financial interest. When considering every

situation through this lens, I am not only able to help improve any immediate issues but also secure the long-term financial health of my clients. I have found that this

practice has led to repeat clients who are looking to ensure their overall financial



I work directly with my clients (I hate phone tag as much as you).  Getting to know you personally, we will get the best possible outcome for your specific situation.  My clients are my friends, and thankfully most keep coming back year after year.  We will utilize the tax rules & regulations to your best advantage, doing what's legal, of course, but more importantly, doing what's right.  I'll answer my cell phone as long I'm available (713-208-1203), and you can

always email with more detailed questions

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Trabajo directamente con mis clientes (nada de esto de dejar mensajes y "phone tag").  En conocerlo personalmente, llegamos a la mejor solucion para su situacion.  Mis clients son mis amigos, y doy gracias porque la mayoria regresan año por año.   Utilizaremos las reglas y regulaciones de impuestos para la mayor ventaja, hacienda las cosas legalmente por supuesto, pero mas importante, haciendo lo que es correcto para el cliente.   Respondo a mi

cellular mientras esté disponible (713-208-1203), y siempre me puede mandar correo electronico (email) con preguntas o comentarios mas detallados.

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Please call ( 713-208-1203) or send me an email ( ) with tax or general business questions.  We welcome and appreciate any and all

comments about this website.  Thanks very much in advance!